The Crypto Chicken Collective

Decentraland‘s very first intelligent pet.

A unique, first-of-its-kind 3D NFT collection of AI virtual chickens!

Each NFT will be attached to your metaverse avatar.

That's right! It's not just a static NFT that is just pretty to look at. You now have the opportunity to have a living companion that you will be able to take care of, interact with, as well as have it accompany you as you explore the metaverse.

  • The Crypto Chickens

Brought to you by MetaPlay Cafe!

Our first drop of 777 “Ayam Cemani” chickens (the Founder's Edition) will give you exclusive perks to our project, such as access to our unique community, a whitelist for the following drops, voting rights for the future of the TheCryptoChickenCollective™, as well as access to our future games.

  • The Story

In the beginning of the metaverse, all pets were static wearables that mimic your steps and are lifeless, it is a pretty cool startFrom the beginning of Decentraland until now, all virtual pets created so far were lifeless and static wearables that mimicked your steps (which was definitely a pretty cool start, but nowhere near what we want to accomplish).

However, MetaPlay® decided to go above and beyond with the idea to develop and implement a unique and innovative AI code on our NFTs, in order to give them life and personality.

Yes, it actually feels like you have a pet that is able to do its own thing! Your chicken can be different from the next person's chicken, based on how you interact with it, within the metaverse. And all of this is possible through our unique state-of-the-art AI code.

After seeing how fun and exciting our smart pets were, we then decided to also start working on a ChickenCoop, so you will be able to send your chicken to rest and hang out, as well as showcase it to everyone else.

Do you feel like your chickens are getting lonely?

We will also be releasing more breeds as the project progresses, with plans of adding different traits and stats that have distinct advantages on the future game we plan on implementing for your chickens down the road

however, MetaPlay Cafè decided to utilize our existing AI code to implement on your NFT’s, giving them life and personality. After seeing how fun and exciting our intelligent pets were, we decided to also work on developing a home for them, so you can send them to rest if you noticed they are tired of following you all day as you explore the Metaverse! Do you feel like your chicken is getting lonely? We will be releasing more breeds as the project progresses, enabling for development of its stats on a game that is still under creation. Grab your chicken today and see for yourself the very first intelligent pets on the metaverse!

  • Roadmap

  • Phase 1

    • Mint of 777 “Ayam Cemani” - the world's darkest pigmented chicken (Founder’s drop), for marketing and early supporters on Decentraland Marketplace.

    • Development and finalizing of MetaPlay®’s website, as well as a new webpage dedicated exclusively to our chickens, in addition to the Marketplace, the mint, and all the necessary information gathered.

    • The AI-embedded chicken NFTs will be deployed in Decentraland, allowing your character to have a companion that follows you wherever you go, interacting with you and its environment.

    • Starting the development of five more breeds for the growth of our flock!

  • Phase 2

    • Add and customize your own ChickenCoop in your Decentraland home LAND and play with your chicken.

    • No LAND? No problem. You can take your chicken to play and meet friends on our LAND instead!

    • Increase partnerships and investor base by promoting our project on social media, with the proper advertising/marketing, allowing it for better exposure to our project, and the community members.

  • Phase 3

    • How about a cockfight? YES, THEY WILL BE ABLE TO FIGHT!

    • You might even be able to place bets on winners in the future…

  • Phase 4

    • Be able to export your CryptoChicken NFT to other metaverses*.

    • Begin development on an APP that allows you to interact with your pet in a different environment of your choice

  • Phase 5

    • Creation of the $COOP utility/governance token

    • interact with your CryptoChicken through A.R, using the upcoming MetaPlay APP